How much does it cost to develop a blockchain wallet app?

Carlo BulleyIn this era and time, many financial businesses have seen the many benefits and the growth that has occurred in the Blockchain applications and its technology, which has led to many financial businesses investing in it. The demand for Bitcoin Applications has increased rapidly because most cryptocurrencies work such as Bitcoin based on Blockchain.


Many online and other businesses online and offline are now accepting the use of bitcoin as part of their means of accepting payment on seeing the bright future cryptocurrencies holds.

When it comes to using Bitcoin as a means of receiving payment for goods and service the best way to go about it is having a Bitcoin wallet application, having this application enables you to easily make payment for goods and services you purchased by sending from your own wallet to another party wallet without having to be charged for a transaction.


Blockchain wallet application has many benefits such as enabling you to send and receive cryptocurrencies from one wallet to another without any risk involved, also if your exchange trade with cryptocurrencies having a

Blockchain wallet app or a web wallet app, it will enable your customers to be able to trade coin directly on your exchange.


If you are interested in having a Blockchain wallet app because of your Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or because of your exchange, having a branded and customized bitcoin is very important. The app stores for Apple, Android, and Windows devices are flooded with a lot of Bitcoin Wallet applications and what these applications do is allow the buying and selling of bitcoin in a very easy, safe, secure manner.


Bitcoin Wallet Applications comes with many features such as:

  1. The Blockchain technology has revolutionized the Mobile App Security because security is but one of the most important part when it comes to crypto wallet app. A feature that will enable users to be able to change pin or password within the app is important.


  1. There should be a list of balance wall which should be in Crypto and Flat currency showing all the exchange options available. Knowing fully well that crypto wallet app focuses more on transacting money between same digital currency, different currencies as well as both digital and fiat currency, so there is the need for the real-time currency value to always be updated.


  1. It is well known that Blockchain has revolutionized the way transactions are done, another important part of a crypto wallet app is the transaction feature. Having to use a crypto wallet app to send and receive digital currencies, it is important that entering the wallet address/ scanning QR code, entering the amount to send and viewing the previous transaction should be flawless. This section of a Blockchain should be very fast and also hack proof from fraudsters.


  1. Signing up and signing in into a user’s wallet is developed with an optimal security protocol. Users wallets are expected to be hack proof, in order to ensure this there is need to add Google Two Factor Authentication in the first stage of the app, doing this will enable businesses to be able to add additional security layer which most generic non-crypto based apps try to avoid.


  1. Also, crypto wallet supports multi-languages, generate new wallet address, share wallet address, it should support HD wallet and also support multi-address wallet. Also, push notifications are made available to notify the admin of the crypto wallet app users on the current price of their digital currency, as well as the failure and success of all their transactions. Scanning of paper bitcoin wallet using the QR code and also adding keys in the app’s wallet in order to make a flawless transaction is also available.


Now the question is how much does it cost to develop a Blockchain wallet app?

Considering all the work that is involved in the development of a crypto wallet app, you should expect it to not be cheap but affordable. Many hours, tech stacks, many features go into the development of a Blockchain wallet app. The cost of the development of this app depends on all that it took for the development of the app. Also the type of coin you will like to add to your wallet and also the security you would like to support also determine the price of the development of the app.


The exact cost for the development of a Blockchain Wallet Apps can’t easily be determined because a lot of resources are involved in the development which also varies from each other depending on the features you desire for your app to have. With that been said a price range between $7,000 to $25,000 is considered to be a good and a reasonable price considering the features and also the platform you will like your app to support.


Before the commencement of the development of your Blockchain Wallet App it very important you discuss the security requirements, the platform you will like to support and the scope of your wallet application because this will give you a clear understanding on the right cost for the development of a Blockchain Wallet App.


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