How to outsource App development (2019 guide)?

Would you like to develop a mobile app for your business? Do you know that having a mobile app developed for your business has a lot of benefits especially if you own a small company or a startup company?

Having a mobile app makes so many differences when it comes branding, company recognition, increasing sales. You can take your business to the next level when you have a mobile app developed for your business.

Research has made it known that the revenues of mobile app increases daily and comes 2020 the revenues can rise up to 189 billion.

Having an app for your business gives comfort to all your customers, not only does it increases customer engagement in your business but it also allows your customers to be able to access your products and services with ease.

Now the question is how do you have a mobile app developed for your business, you tell yourself that you don’t have a coding experience or mobile app development knowledge, so what is the best guide to outsourcing mobile app for your business in 2019.


There are over 2 million apps on the Apple apps store while over 2.5 million apps are available on the Google Play Store, so how do you get a professional mobile app developer that is perfect for your business category knowing for a fact that there are many developers all around the world.


Here are some few reasons why it is better to outsource rather than use an in-house development for your mobile app development and also how to go about it.

You might have the belief that when you hire an in-house developer to handle your mobile app development project you tend to save more money compared to when you have a mobile app development company handle the job for you, but the truth is having an in-house mobile app developer handle your projects cost more than when you outsource your project to a mobile app development company.


There are many cons to the pros when it comes to having an In-house developer to handle your mobile app development, an example of the benefits you get from having an In-house developer to handle your project is that it enables you to have full control over the developing of your mobile app, by so doing you can easily address any problems or requirements easily. Having said this there are many cons to this, for example


Your IT department might lack the necessary requirements when it comes to mobile app development, having an IT development with the knowledge of web development does not guarantee that your IT department will be able to handle a mobile app development. Also, finding someone that will be competent enough that can handle mobile app development isn’t that easy.


You might believe that hiring an In-house mobile app developer can come at a cheaper cost, but where the problem lies in is having the right designers, developers, and engineer can be very difficult, at first you will need to go through an intensive hiring process to be able to get the best that will qualify for the job, a special skill set, as well as tools that will be needed in order to initiate the development process. Going through all these takes more time and also consumes more money.



What your In-house mobile app developers can give you are nothing but an amateur level app because you can you only get the best when you give the

job to the company that has the team who are professionally trained in the area of mobile app development. Having to hire one professional and then train the other workers isn’t enough to develop a perfect mobile app, your mobile app can never be developed on a professional level and this will be very bad in order to turn your business into an enterprise.


What are the guides to outsourcing your mobile app development projects?

This can mean a lot of things, you can have your mobile app developed by a freelancer, small or big mobile app development company. Also, there are other several options that can be taken into considerations when outsourcing your mobile app development rather than giving it to an In-house developer.


When we talk about the freelance, even though it can be risky but that doesn’t mean you can’t put it into considerations as well. There are some things you should know when letting a freelancer handle your mobile app development projects. You should note that always going for the cheapest isn’t always the best option, this might also mean that you might be getting minimum technical standards and skills.


Working with experienced freelancers will always cost more than working with an In-house developer. Always make sure that you always create a proper way of communication when you let a freelance handle your project because if you are not able to reach out to the freelancer working on your project whenever its needed can cause a misunderstanding as well as mistakes.




App development agencies:

App development agency like AppWebStudios is one of the best mobile app development agencies in India that comes in all forms and sizes. The good thing about this mobile app and Website development company in Gurgaon, India is that the company is quite affordable. The company can help tend to your needs as a business and also help grow your business.


What to look for:

When looking for agencies to outsource your mobile app project, it is very crucial to look for experts who are professional in the area of mobile app development especially mobile app and Website development company in Gurgaon, India. Working with these sets of professionals means that you will be having experts ranging from developers, UX & UI designers, engineers that will be handling your projects.


Also, working with a professional mobile app development agency designs your app with the up to date innovative technology because these companies are always equipped with the right skills and tools to develop a flawless app, as well getting first to know when there is an update.


Efficiency is also guaranteed when you work with a professional mobile app development company in India, you can rest assured to have quick results as well as top-notch quality on your mobile app. All your questions shall be answered to in no time and your app gets updated at all time when it is needed, and not leaving out on any details on your project when it comes to UX and UI design, the functionality and the technical development of your project.


The beauty of this is that it’s of the same cost if not lesser than having an In-House developer handle your project but it’s a greater service. You can rest assured that the right hands are the ones working on your project, and nothing less than perfection is guaranteed.


AppWebStudios is a Mobile app development and Website development company in Gurgaon, India, if what you are looking for is a perfection at a cost that doesn’t tear up your pocket then the mobile app development company to contact is AppWebStudios, contact us today.

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